We are genuinely working to give those who enter our competitions a good share of the money so you get the prizes you want and we get enough funds to run the competition.

We are aiming to give £100 to charities for every 1,500 entries received.

When entering our competitions those who have entered the correct answer have at least 33,000 times better chance of winning a prize that the UK Lotto.

Each competition will start on the 1st day of each calendar month and end on the last day of each calendar month.

The will be two categories of prizes. Firstly prizes worth up to £3,500 with an entry fee of £3.25p and secondly prizes valued up to £1,500 with an entry fee of £1.80p.

Entrants must answer the question correctly and the winner will be chosen at random from those who have answered the question correctly.

Winners will be able to choose the prize they want from their chosen category.

Summary: Unlike most competitions we will give out a prize for every 1,500 entries received. E.g. if we receive 15,879 entries during the month we will give out 10 prizes and the remaining 875 will roll over into the next months competition.




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